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    Idle rpm

    I usually don't take a bike back to the dealer unless there's a problem I can't fix. As a result, I can miss out on software updates. I just checked and my '23 C400GT is running on S/W Version 022_008_020. I'm hesitant to mess with it since it's running and idling just fine.
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    Comie/Shad Tour Box

    BTW, the Shad rack doesn't replace but goes under the existing stock grab rails.
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    Comie/Shad Tour Box

    I decided on Shad for the rack and it worked out perfectly. No replacing of the side panels required.
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    Comie/Shad Tour Box

    My concern with this approach is there is no existing rack on the C400GT. So, you need a rack designed to mount on this bike and then, you need a mounting plate and, of course, the box. Just buying a cheap box and mounting plate is just part of the puzzle.
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    Need a dimension please ground/floor to height of hump.

    Approx. 22" (bike held vertically and not on centerstand)
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    What adapter and app needed to reset oil change/other alerts

    No need to check with Motoscan, I've already reset my service reminder using it.
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    C 400 GT valve adjust/check speculation

    Thanks, Bill, for clearing this up.
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    C 400 GT valve adjust/check speculation

    Not exactly an answer to your question but I did read somewhere that the engine in our C400GT is Piaggio. Does anyone know for a fact if this is right?
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    What adapter and app needed to reset oil change/other alerts

    There may be other ways, like GS911, but my preferred method has been the OBDLink LX and the Motoscan app. This has worked great on all the Beemers I've had so far.
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    BMWc400x keeps cutting out

    I would suspect the side stand, rather than the CS, since the side stand has a switch. Some people disable the side stand switch and I've done that before on other bikes but not on this one. Doing that seemed more logical on previous adventure bikes I've owned.
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    Top Speed

    Assuming my bike is typical, the speedo reads about 3 mph fast. This was determined by comparison to GPS measured speed. For a single cylinder, 350 cc "thumper", seeing 85-86 on the speedo seems pretty respectable to me, which, of course, is only around 83 mph. If I'm going on a longer trip or...
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    C400GT won’t turn off

    Don't know for sure but if that happened to me, I would disconnect and reconnect the battery to see if that would fix it.
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    Milestone Pic

    Same here!
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    600 Mile Review: Capable, Comfortable, and Fairly Refined

    My understanding was that the tape strips were stacked. One place in the instructions listed an incorrect length for cutting the strips so watch out for that. Also, I placed the strips according to the cutout areas. That sort of worked but not perfectly. I wound up trimming the visible pieces of...
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    Torque Values for Passenger Grab Rails

    Rear grab handle to frame M8 X 30: 19 Nm
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    600 Mile Review: Capable, Comfortable, and Fairly Refined

    I haven't given my bike a serious speed test but just from experimenting a couple of times, I really doubt mine is as fast as yours. On level ground, and in a tuck, I might reach a GPS speed of 84-85 mph but not much higher. Of course, my speedo will be reading 2-3 mph more than that. Then...
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    600 Mile Review: Capable, Comfortable, and Fairly Refined

    I went the Shad route and, for under $400, I'm very satisfied.
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    600 Mile Review: Capable, Comfortable, and Fairly Refined

    On the top box, I purchased everything from Motostorm, an Italian company. They were great to deal with. They have the mount kit for the C400GT and I went with the SH58x case. This is an expandable case with 3 volume positions; 46, 52, and 58 L. And yes, it's fairly large as you will see, even...
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    600 Mile Review: Capable, Comfortable, and Fairly Refined

    Thanks Mike, for that comprehensive review. Apparently, you've had more than a few bikes and have gained quite a bit of experience so you have a good feel for how things should work and how they should feel. When it comes to suspension, I have to remind myself this is a scooter after all so I'm...
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    Gas level showing on TFT

    Thanks again for your help! It was getting on "My Vehicle" and pressing the "Menu" button up repeatedly that worked. Much appreciated!
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