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  1. Skutorr

    Where in Norcal are you? I'm near Yosemite in Coarsegold and all there is to ride with around...

    Where in Norcal are you? I'm near Yosemite in Coarsegold and all there is to ride with around here is SLOW, old fat farts dressed like pirates on Hardleys....
  2. Skutorr

    Newby Here... Hello from snowy California.

    I've got a 2009 Yamaha Tmax with a complete set of touring luggage, adjustable windscreen, upgraded suspension, tires, brakes, variator, exhaust, etc. It handles and brakes amazingly, was purchased NEW by me, has low mileage, is very quick and is the nicest Tmax in the country, period! Familiar...
  3. Skutorr

    Variator needed to buy

    This is what you start with. Makes a BIG difference off the line and in Mid-range response!
  4. Skutorr

    Noisy motor? (You tell me)

    A bit of History. Here it started...
  5. Skutorr

    Noisy motor? (You tell me)

    It's still a grenade you are riding on. Even with the 3rd redesign hydraulic tensioner, all the timing gear eventually fails and destroys the motor. Every internal part is/was made on the cheap and wears out/fails prematurely. Remember, it's not even a BMW motor, much less one of the great older...
  6. Skutorr

    Questions while waiting to test ride C400GT

    Especially at your height, I'd try the KYMCO AK550 also. Like an BMW Sport 650 but without all the defects! Big BREMBO brakes, plenty of power to go or cruise anywhere, etc. And only $1,000 more for a real maxiscooter than the little C400 Gt. And, if they bring the 2023 over, it will have a...
  7. Skutorr

    2020 bmw c650gt rollers placement

    As long as it's apart, treat yourself to the most effective upgrade you can do for the $$ and install Dr. Pully Sliders instead of the OEM rollers. Which, by the way, NEVER ROLL, but slide, leading to flat spots...
  8. Skutorr

    Planning to buy an 2013 C650 GT tomorrow....

    Make SURE it has been upgraded to the latest Hydraulic Timing Chain Tensioner. Not just the first 3 iterations, which all eventually fail and kill the motor. Or, get a Tmax or Kymco and then no worries...
  9. Skutorr

    I got screwed!

    And what has BMW said about it???
  10. Skutorr

    I got screwed!

    ....and you still bought another one???
  11. Skutorr


    Mitsuboshi MAKES the OEM Belts for both BMW and Yamaha. They even have the SAME part numbers!
  12. Skutorr

    I got screwed!

    ...and all this is why BMW no longer imports, makes or sells the C-Series Scooter anywhere on earth. They decided to just AXE the poor design permanently, rather than spend any more $ on trying to make it EURO-5 compliant. (Everyone else did though...)They even axed the C-Evolution electric...
  13. Skutorr

    Adding a Kymco AK550 to the stable. They are now Available in the USA

    No, it's a BMW-designed engine, made in China as cheaply as possible and supervised by KYMCO. That's why it had so many recalls, timing chain debacles, etc. KYMCO has NEVER built anything that slipshod...
  14. Skutorr

    I got screwed!

    ...and that is why I'm hoping for the Honda Forza 750 to make it to the US.....
  15. Skutorr

    $1300 for 12k service - 2016 C650GT

    The 600 mile oil change is to: 1.) check for leaks, etc. and 2.) remove the oil that has the metal particles in it from the initial piston ring/cylinder wall break-in...
  16. Skutorr

    Exhaust Mod?

    Seat-of-the-pants Dyno...
  17. Skutorr

    Fuel Smell after a ride ('19 GT)

    You CAN'T shame a BMW dealer....
  18. Skutorr

    Nissin 3 por caliper

    In Coarsegold, off highway 41 just south of Yosemite. We HAVE to go riding the Sierra this Spring!
  19. Skutorr

    Exhaust Mod?

    Emulator plus a better (less-restrictive) exhaust will do it together. The emulator tells the CPU that it's actually running LEANER than it is, so it riches up the mixture, for better all-round performance, especially mid-range passing and top end. You tend to run leaner with a less restrictive...
  20. Skutorr

    Fuel Smell after a ride ('19 GT)

    Did you clean it and then run it with the plastic still off?