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  1. ooop

    Hi from Blighty

    Hi i am from Lincolnshire uk and have a 2019 400gt for just over a year no. no regrets its not too demanding . .A few things not ideal but a decent all rounder .Fitted with a givi rack and 47 l box with no real effect on handling .Rear suspension not the best for lincolnshire country lanes...
  2. ooop

    How did you find this BMW Scooter forum?

    General search about BMW scooters,its always nice to find like minds
  3. ooop

    Remote battery life

    Yeah i carry a spare now , the other makes of remote fobs dont seem as fussy as the BMW. When battery gets really bad, the machine comes up with, Remote key not detected no further engine restarts possible . Gives you a very good reason to ride very gently back home again.
  4. ooop

    Remote battery life

    The average remote battery life is i am told is one and a half to two years' i went thro 4 battery's in a coup[e of months recently and after a lot of messing about ,it appears to be the quality of battery that matters, That is to say i was using battery's off a card ,a dozen for a pound or so...
  5. ooop

    Remote battery life

    After 3 months of ownership it screen on my c400 said the remote battery was low,fair enough, this was duly replaced. A week later it said again my remote battery was low,Ok so i got dud, probably been in stock a while. Replaced again from a different source and week or so later i get the...
  6. ooop

    Questions while waiting to test ride C400GT

    Never come across any reference of losing panels, not even a rattle ,seems a pretty tight ship
  7. ooop

    Questions while waiting to test ride C400GT

    When i say maintenance is a pain ,i mean a simple job like removing the rear wheel is almost a career move .Oil is simple on pretty well all the scoots that i have had most everything else i have to psych myself up to remove panels which sort of tends to put me off doing stuff
  8. ooop

    Questions while waiting to test ride C400GT

    I had a 400xmax for 5 years and acquired a c400gt about 5 months ago . i think i find the main differences between the two bmw has very little under seat storage while traveling.So i put on givi v47 top box,in most every other respect handling especially in cross winds .fuel consumption is a...
  9. ooop

    OBD2 Connector

    Going through utube vidios on serviceing bmws it looks like you need the paid for version of the obd softwae to actually do anything,reset wise, the free is just to get a looksee maybe