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  1. justscootin

    chain adjustor #3

    Today I finally had a chance to replace the chain adjuster in the rear drive (it was warmer out) When I changed the adjuster the first time there was still a fair amount of slack. This time going from #2 to #3 I found less slack. This is what I expected as the chain is not stretching as fast...
  2. justscootin

    viton seal (behind clutch)

    At 25000km the seal behind the clutch looked like this Then at 50000kmit was showing more seeping (not like some we have seen)
  3. justscootin

    A review of the c evolution A review of the c evolution
  4. justscootin

    Scooter Birthday

    On this day 5 years ago today I picked my scooter up at the dealer. The scooter now has 49000km on it and has gone on flawlessly. The recalls - side stand switch, cam chain tensioner, luggage rack and the switches have all been done. I am waiting to do the brake line till I am ready to do the...
  5. justscootin

    TPMS what happens

    I had a flat tire on the scooter once as a few of you have and the lights started flashing at 26lbs What happens when the battery goes dead in the tpm inside the tire, if it is just the dashes I am good with that but if lights start flashing I would be forced to replace the unit (the next time...
  6. justscootin

    Distance after fuel light

    So I finally got around to checking how far you can go after fuel light comes on. This has been a discussion since this forum began 4 years ago but no one has answered. I got my fuel canister that had about half a litre in it and tossed under the seat. Off I went, I was already close to empty as...
  7. justscootin

    Fuel cover

    Can someone please post a photo of the underside of there fuel cover (preferably a GT) as my tab for the fuel latch has broken off. I would like to try to duplicate the tab shape
  8. justscootin


    Congratulations Lynda Lehman on her second place finish in the BMWMOA high mileage contest woman's category for the 2015 year. The only finisher on a scooter in the top 25 with a total of 23342 miles in the riding season. She rode a 2013 C650GT. Lynda was beat out by another female rider on an...
  9. justscootin

    parts in Canada

    I did a search today for part sites in Canada and found this one based in Vancouver When I go to this site on my BlackBerry Phone I found it easy to navigate and find stuff. When I went on me Samsung tablet I could not find anything easily and gave up. I...
  10. justscootin

    winter storage

    Most of us have stored a car or a motorcycle/scooter for the winter. One thing I do with my Z3 during the winter is I leave the doors and trunk ajar so the rubber does not get frozen in the crushed position and leak in the spring rain. When I store the scooter a also leave the seat ajar also to...
  11. justscootin

    warranty coming to an end

    I have now had my scooter 2 years 11 months and 15 days. My warranty expires in 15 days. I have not talked to the dealer about the extended warranty or if I would even qualify. (I am pretty confident without it). I have done own work on the scooter since day one, oil changes, brake fluid change...
  12. justscootin

    Tire changer

    Has anyone used the tire changer from harbor freight (or in Canada princess auto) with success on the scooter tires
  13. justscootin

    Chain adjuster

    Yesterday I went to change a drive change adjuster in the rear drive. I have attached 3 photos one of the pictures shows stage 1, 2 and 3. You may notice the largest hump that is stage 3 and the smallest is the stage 1(that I removed) I then installed stage 2 and have stage 3 on the shelf for...
  14. justscootin

    Brake pads

    In the USA the brake pads are (I think) about $93 ($186 total) a set for the front and $70 for the back has anyone used aftermarket brake pads. For example mollasi at $28 a set
  15. justscootin

    BMW oil

    I went to the dealer a few days ago to get some oil. When I got there I was pleasantly surprised to find the cost had come down significantly but I also noticed the container is no longer silver it is blue. I asked if there was a change and neither of the guys at the counter new. All the codes...
  16. justscootin

    650 GT For sale

    Up here I saw a C650 GT for sale it has 750km on it. Are you sitting down. It is a 2014 it is legal steel for $6900 bucks, this is about $5300 USA $
  17. justscootin

    The Belt

    I worked on my scooter today and replaced the belt and installed my Dr. Pulley rolls and sliders. As for the belt when I compared the old to the new, the wear was about .050 of an inch or about 1.25mm off the sides that are used (half on each side). The scooter has 25,000km or about 15,000...
  18. justscootin

    Oil filter

    So I was doing some searching for oil filters than could be used on our scooters. I found a few but were all to long for the 650gt scooter because of the belly pan in the way and the small possibility of bottoming out on the filter. That filter being a frame mph3614 as it is 1 1/4 inch longer...
  19. justscootin

    BMW I3 series

    So I was thinking (can you see the smoke coming out of my ears) If you live a considerable distance from a BMW Motorad dealer and you need a part for the scooter engine (belt or or other engine stuff) contact your BMW car dealer that carries the I3 or I8 and the parts should be compatible as...
  20. justscootin

    Belt life

    I know the service manual calls for the belt to be changed at 20,000km or 12,000miles but the question is how far are you pushing it till you replace it and are there signs that it needs replacing.
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