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  1. justscootin

    Remove variator without BMW special tool?

    I bought the tool back in 2013, the dealer I am sure made a mistake as I paid $18 Canadian (about $14 American) I have used it 4 times now (paid for istelf many times)
  2. justscootin

    Distance after fuel light

    So today I went for a ride and 2km into it my fuel light came on so I went home got my fuel canister with a bit of gas in it. I rode the bike dry (almost 5 years after my original post) I got 83km till empty back 5 years ago I got 63km. I also have 83000km
  3. justscootin

    Need the 9-1-1 on GS-911 for TPMS sensor replacement

    I bought the gs911 and then rented it out 8 times paid for the tool. I have the old yellow one I paid 300 Canadian for it in december 2012. I have also reset my service light every year or 10000 km, I have 75000km. The tool has well paid for itself
  4. justscootin

    chain adjustor #3

    So this is a couple of years later. I checked the chain say at 75000km. Not enough slack yet to fit #4 in. As for the gasket stuff I used still holds from when I did the chain adjuster 25000km ago no leaks
  5. justscootin

    Timing chain recall visual check

    So last fall my cam chain tensioner failed at 75000km and I went to the dealer ordered the tensioner online and the tool to install it. This when I found out the system was converted to a hydrolic so I then bought all the parts needed (around $600) I looked at it and decided not to do it because...
  6. justscootin

    Timing chain recall visual check

    Your dealer would have it documented tell him you want it done
  7. justscootin

    Who has Chain Rails?

    The difference of the numbering is from 1-4 the arc increases. At 75000km I was not able to fit #4 as over time the chain is stretching less. One last tip if you do your own work, don't buy a gasket for the crazy money just buy a silicone gasket cement. Easy to apply just run a bead on the...
  8. justscootin

    Parting out 2015 C650gt

    I just got the parts for my hydraulic tensioner. I have a manual for the mechanical tensioner. I need some info for the hydraulic tensioner, at the top there is a hollow bolt 10mm and at the bottom there is a Bango bolt, what torque do I tighten them down to? Please help for those that have a...
  9. justscootin

    Slipped cam chain.

    I realize it is a paper weight back in the early days 2013 a few engines were replaced, the dealers just gave new bikes away instead of fixing. I am buying the parts (I got the tensioner last week and that is when I heard the system was changed) now I have to order the rest of the parts. This sucks
  10. justscootin

    Slipped cam chain.

    JB Was a the cam chain tensioner you had replaced with the hydraulic one the origional or the replacemt for the origional I have 2013 and my bike was fixed under recall back in the day 6 years ago the one they put in was still a mechanical one like your old one. Last week was the first time I...
  11. justscootin

    650 GT Ground Clearance

    The ground clearance will also depend on your weight are you 125 pounds or 325 pounds
  12. justscootin

    2013 C650 GT Problems to check

    Get paperwork showing the belt and chain adjuster has been replaced (with #2), rollers and sliders have been replaced. Make sure the oil has also been changed in the last couple of months. I have the first scooter off the boat in 2012 and it has run flawlessly. (I don't trust dealers so I do my...
  13. justscootin

    Considering a C650

    Buy the manual
  14. justscootin

    How did you find this BMW Scooter forum?

    I doubt it, use YouTube or get the manual
  15. justscootin

    Who has Chain Rails?

    I bought mine at the dealer first I bought #2 & #3. When I installed #3 I then bought #4 and will be installing it at the end of the season. I am replacing them at 25000km not the recommended 20000km when I hit 100000km I will then replace the chain and then install #1 back in Do not throw them...
  16. justscootin

    2013 C650GT fuel flap broken

    I have a 2013 broke the little flat edge the lock hooked on (The plastic was very brittle) rode without a cover for 3 years. I gave in and bought a new one, it was a different material it is like a soft abs and the latch was a tapered design much better
  17. justscootin

    Refueling 2013 650c gt

    I don't get off when I fill up, hold the bike vertical with my feet. Open fuel cover reach out get pump and start filling Back in 2013 there was discussion that in the side stand two thing would happen you could no get the tank as full and sometimes the fuel guage did not reset properly
  18. justscootin

    Removing damaged strainer bolt.

    Wow what a coincidence i have not been on this forum in quite some time. I have a 2013 and have been doing oil changes (about 8 times now) since the beginning and never have a problem. Then I have a friend that had the same as what happened to you (He came crying to me) so I got him to order a...
  19. justscootin


    Behind the radiator
  20. justscootin

    Bark Busters for C650 GT

    Yes I put the S 7 model on there are pictures on this site somewhere
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