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    2nd Gen - handlebar cover removal

    Hey guys - I just traded my 2013 for a 2018. I’m trying to plug gps harness into the port under the handle bar cover. I can remove the center cover - but, the resulting opening is very small and my gps harness has an in-line “box” that needs to be hidden inside - the box will not fit through...
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    Closed circuit (sort of) for SteveADV Boomer Sooner baby. Beat the Buckeyes. Leaving early Friday to watch the beat down.
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    Lithium ion battery

    Let's talk lithium. Who has tried one? What did you buy? Do you like it? Downsides? My 2013 stock is getting long in the tooth and I want to replace before a trip to the cool mountains in late September.
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    GPS Mounts

    I know we've hashed this a number of times and call me lazy. Fine - guilty as charged. I was hoping we could get a fairly tight thread on GPS mounting. Might even merit a sticky if enough of us help! I'm getting ready for a shop day to restore my old accessories to my new/used GT. I had my...
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    Replacement key

    Anyone know the procedure and a source to replace a key? The new to me GT that I just got only came with one key and that bothers me to no end. I'd like to get a couple of keys made - one spare and one to hide on the bike someplace.
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    Coming Clean

    After a couple of weeks of grieving, I'm finally able to talk about my BMW. I was at a buddy's doing tire changes and a couple of other things. We had the bike on a lift, on center stand and a jack propping up the front end. But we were not strapped down... Front tire was done - should have...
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    Added to the fleet

    Well, technically, I traded my MP3 for a Indian Chieftain. Still have the BMW and a BV350. I managed to show the old and the new in one photo.
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    ModernVespa/MP3 Spring Gathering

    Every spring and fall, a group of us (mostly current or former MP3 riders) meet in the SE. The genesis of the group - we mostly met on the forum at, but have become great "in person" friends too. It is time for our spring ride, which if you're interested, you can get more info...
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    Deer miss

    Whew - I Had a deer "near miss" Saturday night/Sunday morning. I rode my BMW up to Morgantown WV for the Oklahoma football game. Game time was 7:30, so game ended about 11:30. By the time I get to my bike, it's midnight. My motel was in the sticks about 20 miles outside Morgantown. Actually...
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    Miles after fuel light?

    Okay, I've been trying to figure out how far I can go after the fuel light comes on - so far, I'm up to about 35 miles, but even then the most fuel I've been able to put in is 3.8 gallons, so I know there is another .4 gallons (~20 miles or so), at least theoretically. So, two questions: How...
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    Needed a dragon fix

    So I bought my BMW in March. I was not able to take it to NC for my regular gathering in the spring, because my dash was messed up (replaced quickly, all is fine), so I rode the MP3 over, including the Dragon. I had plans throughout the summer to get the BMW over there for a couple of days...
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    Football, Shenendoah, Blue Ridge and Piaggio gathering.

    So, I have a nice little trip starting 9-18. My beloved Oklahoma Sooners are playing at West Virginia on 9-20 and I have a group of former and current MP3 friends that meet in the NC mountains for a weekend of fellowship beginning 9-25. So, I figured out a nice little trip: 9-18-to 9-20 -...
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    $$$, but WELL worth it!

    Well, look what met me earlier this week from FedEx: Wonder what this could be? Installation wasn't as easy as I'd expected. First of all, the Corbin instructions were incorrect - said to remove 6 bolts with hex key - my bike had 4 bolts and 2 nuts. Took some effort to get my seat off and...
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    Shop day - louder horn, Admore tail lights and inside led's for top case

    Hey guys - took the BMW to my buddy's barn (Oldasdirt from fame) yesterday for some mods to the bike. OAD is a long time Piaggio guy and has a big barn full of tools and the knowledge to use them. Below, when I refer to "we", what that means is OAD doing the work and me holding...
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    So, I've ridden about 1500 miles on my bike and have accepted that I need to work on the seat. I'm a, ahem, large man. I like to sit back in the saddle, so I can stretch my legs out. To have room to do this, I tend to press against the bolster/back rest on my GT. This means I'm sitting on the...
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    Formal hello

    Thought I would pop in and formally introduce myself - yes, I'm a Sooner living in middle Tennessee. Got into scooters about 6 years ago with a piaggio MP3-250. I had never ridden anything before and to say I got bitten with the bug is an understatement. I just added the BMW GT to my stable...
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