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  1. Doraemon

    2013 c600 (RR) for sale

    Well fellow scooter riders, I'm softly selling my blue thunder. My Job prospects are gearing up for another move overseas, that means a fire sale to lighten the load. I don't intend to quit the forum hopefully my next country I move too will have one I can afford. two prospects are Philippines...
  2. Doraemon


    While it's been nice here is Seattle, I wanted to check everything over getting ready for spring. With almost 7k (I know not enough, but travel for work prevents more milage) on the clock. Here are some pics of my teardown.
  3. Doraemon

    I found a pedestal for my baby

    While most would purchase the harbor freight lift (too wide and heavy for the area I will have it in (the man cave, a small 10x10 off the side of the garage.) the harbor freight one is 295-395 depending on the sales at the time. the only recommendation is to change the oil in the ram before...
  4. Doraemon

    evansville Indiana

    Any folks in that area? I'll be there next week installing equipment for EYE Mart. I guess they are wally world for eyes, ha ha Optical lab
  5. Doraemon

    Mileage problem

    Guys I had a major problem! after looking at my odometer I found I am short over 2000 miles. Either my odometer is failing or more likely I just didn't get the at home time to ride enough over the last year. This year just flew buy and work was so busy running all over the States and Canada. I...
  6. Doraemon

    Hongcouver riders

    Im not on my scooter like in june, but any riders near metrotown? Im here till thursday.
  7. Doraemon

    dirty counting

    why can't Miss Piggy count to 100? when she gets to 69 she gets a frog in her throat.......
  8. Doraemon

    San Diego

    I'll be in San Diego for work next week. Anyone there up for a meet up.
  9. Doraemon

    Naked top

    Pics of stripping the top off
  10. Doraemon

    complaints dept.

    My hope is that this folder have only this thread and not longer than this post.
  11. Doraemon

    "Not safe for some" folder

    Hey guys, While I did not find the majority of the pics to risky for viewing. I have asked the Admin to make this folder available. My suggestion would be this: Any photos or statements in a thread that may be deemed inappropriate by a few be placed here and a link posted in the folder thread...
  12. Doraemon

    Attention Admin

    Dear administrator, could we get two new folders to post in; one NSFS (not safe for Some) for those items and pictures that may not be welcome by a few, making us more PC. Second would be a complaint thread, that any complaints would be moved to. that way, persons easily offended could...
  13. Doraemon

    new video and soon to be bmw owner

    Hey guys, I met Keith in Lewiston Idaho, he currently has a yamaha scoot. Keith, thanks for the visit, I hope to see you again in Oct, my next service visit. The Video is of a local strech of road I put out before, just a chest mounted camera this time...
  14. Doraemon

    just saw on ebay

    BMW Other | eBay
  15. Doraemon

    Twin Cities next week, daytona the week after.

    Hi guys, I would have liked to have a meet up this week in Scranton, pa; but I was doing 12hour days. I did stop by at lunch to the local bike shop to hear them say they sold a few scoots. again about 4 gt's to 1. Any way..... I will be in Maple Grove, staying at the HI behing dave and...
  16. Doraemon

    My Sport vs loaner GT

    As the weather is getting nicer here in Seattle area, I prefered to have my servicing done early. I figure to have it done now and then not have to worry about it thru the riding season. Ride West is the closest shop for me and overall has proven to be fairly accomidating. Puget sound BMW was...
  17. Doraemon

    calling all Sing and JB scooters

    I am coming into Singapore for the next weekend. the Monday before I head to Japan. Joeboxer82 and I will be at Newton food center on the monday the 7th. I'll be the Ang Mo in the Black GAS Monkey Garage t-shirt.
  18. Doraemon

    GIVI easylock mounts

    I bought the mounts at Compatition Accesories for $114 shipped. I will make a removable and locking mount for the cortech bags rather than buy the $300 easylock bags that have less storage space. the mount attaches to a hidden spot on the frame upper and footpeg mount lower, very firm feeling...
  19. Doraemon

    Malossi and Dr. Pulley swap

    Malossi and Dr Pulley - My Photo Gallery Hi all, As mentioned before, I waited quite a bit for the clutch and malossi variator to arrive and for the end of summer to install. As I had to go to San Antonio for 2 weeks I left a camera and the bike int he hands of 2Wheel Dynoworks (Nels and...
  20. Doraemon

    C 600 sport using S1000RR fender eliminator

    I looked online and fender eliminators for the sport, most were in Italy and would cost @$200, money I plan to spend on Horspower, he he.... so I happened to to see a kit for the S1000rr by Yoshimura. for $100, hmmm, ok so here we go. I got it home and liked the setup, it required a full...
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