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  1. JaimeC

    So long, Farewell!

    Well, I signed that miserable piece of shit over to MAX BMW in Brookfield, CT. I am DONE with BMWs. I will keep the K1200LT because that seems to be the last reliable, durable motorcycle they made. Hope everyone here either has better luck than me, is still under warranty, or purchased an...
  2. JaimeC

    "Head's Up" for owners of MY 2012-2014 C650GT and C600 Sport Owners

    On May 16, 2014 these vehicles were subject to an official recall by the NHTSA, Campaign #14V264000. The recall notes: Defect Summary: BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain model year 2012-2014 C 600 Sport Maxi-Scooter, and C 650 GT Maxi-Scooter motorcycles manufactured...
  3. JaimeC

    Dead again.

    The Charter Oak Rally WOULD'VE been a great time if not for that ******* scooter dying YET AGAIN. Arrived on Friday, checked in and set up my tent. Then my friend and I took a ride to the Vanilla Bean for lunch. After lunch, we tanked up and headed back to the rally site. JUST as I pulled...
  4. JaimeC


    Well, it's actually been a few years since I installed that cheap, no-name H7 bulb and it burned out this morning. I see people have said you can replace the bulb without removing the body panels so I'll try this afternoon when I go to lunch.
  5. JaimeC

    2018 BMW RA National Rally

    This is a little closer to home for me than the MOA National. I've never been to an RA Rally before:
  6. JaimeC

    2018 Amerivespa

    Damn. I'm already committed to the Lake George Americade at this time:
  7. JaimeC

    Map (or Route Sheet) Holder

    A very popular kind of event around here is the Poker Run. Everyone gets a route sheet to follow, and you ride to various checkpoints to draw cards, throw dice, whatever. At the end of the event, trophies are awarded to best hand, food is served, there is often a band playing, etc. With my...
  8. JaimeC

    Underseat storage bag

    I had this nifty little duffel bag I got for free when I subscribed to Cycle World some years back. Unfortunately, it was pretty flimsy (as you'd expect from something you get for free these days). It fit PERFECTLY under the seat of my C650GT, so I was looking for something a little sturdier...
  9. JaimeC

    2018 Charter Oak Rally in Connecticut

    Pre-registration is now available: Don't let me be the only scooter there AGAIN.
  10. JaimeC

    What a shame. These are the guys who got the C650GT back on the road for me the year it broke down during the Finger Lakes Rally. Very nice people and I hope they enjoy their retirement but it leaves a HUGE section of Northern New York State without a BMW motorcycle dealership.
  11. JaimeC

    Snoopy needs some new "bling."

    It's been awhile since I've looked. Any new "bling" worth checking out? I went looking for headlight guards again and unfortunately all I can find are the tinted variations. "Clear" seems to be out of stock. Wunderlich used to list these deflectors that mounted on the lower fairing to block...
  12. JaimeC

    Recall on 2017 C-Evolution and C650GT Scooters
  13. JaimeC

    MotoAmerica Pittsburg round

    For the first time ever, the MotoAmerica road race series is coming to Pittsburg next week. Since MotoGP no longer goes to Indianapolis, my Silverwing-riding friend and I decided this will have to do. We plan on getting to our hotel Thursday evening so we can see all of the practices...
  14. JaimeC

    I can't believe I missed this!!

    Have to keep an eye out next year for SURE!
  15. JaimeC

    Four years old today!

    That's right. Four years ago I brought "Snoopy" home for the first time. He doesn't QUITE have 30K miles on him yet; ever since I got the Zero my mileage on my two gas-engine bikes have gone WAAAY down... but he's still hanging in there for those times when the K1200LT is "overkill" and the...
  16. JaimeC

    Does anyone live near the Aeroflow factory?

    I asked them about a headlight cover for the C650GT and was told they only had a C650GT long enough to produce either a windshield or a headlight cover and Paige decided there would be more of a market for the windshield. However, I'm thinking if I took a rock in that HUGE headlight lens, it'll...
  17. JaimeC

    Review of the BMW C-Evolution eScooter

    I had a chance to demo this beast today at Americade. From a quick walk around compared to my C650GT scooter it has far less storage capacity. The majority of the underseat area is the massive battery pack. I was informed it is two cells from the BMW i3 electric automobile. The passenger...
  18. JaimeC

    Americade 2017

    Next week in beautiful Lake George, NY. I'll be there the whole week, and I'll be on Snoopy. Anyone else going? We'll be staying in nearby Lake Luzerne... right by the Painted Pony where the Americade "Dirt Daze" festivities take place. This year BMW WILL be there...
  19. JaimeC

    Odyssey Battery

    Well well well... it took them long enough but Odyssey FINALLY lists a battery compatible with our scooters. The PC310 will fit, though they advise it is a little shorter than the OEM battery so may require a spacer to fit properly. On Facebook, Tom Cutter (long time BMW riders are VERY...
  20. JaimeC

    (mumble mumble) Valve Stems (mumble mumble)

    Replaced Snoopy's front tire and installed a new valve stem last night. On the test ride we heard a "clicking" noise coming from the front end. My friend said I should check it so I got on the bike and noticed a red flashing triangle on the dash indicating low air pressure. Turns out the...
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