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  1. 650Gtbrat

    Have you tried the BMW C650GT Impact Protection Set

    A fool as his money...$400. For stick on foam? Wow I'm getting older but not stupider...?
  2. 650Gtbrat

    New member welcome thread..

    Hi Erwin, I have a C650gt with 50,000 kms and would love to meet up for midweek rides. Let me know .
  3. 650Gtbrat

    2022 C400GT Shad top case install, help requested

    I only count four...just saying...? maybe I didn't get the whole pic?
  4. 650Gtbrat

    Steering prob .

    Hi Levan, What year is your bike? What's kms/miles does it have. Where are you in this world? Have you checked tires condition?
  5. 650Gtbrat

    Givi 650 GT high screen and hand protectors

    Hey this sounds great, let me know. I'm interested. [email protected]
  6. 650Gtbrat

    Will the Bmw c650 gt scotter be continued?

    Talked to Max Bmw and they said it's been discontinued. Body panels are available but are not painted at all. "Blank,because the bike is no longer in production".
  7. 650Gtbrat

    Sprocket replacement???

    sorry it's a C650 GT
  8. 650Gtbrat

    Sprocket replacement???

    Hi Folks, I was wondering if any members have changed out the rear sprocket? I have a 2013 w/ 41000kms, yes Canadian, and have replaced the drive belt, but was thinking soon of the rear chain and sprocket? Anyone else there yet?
  9. 650Gtbrat

    Parts prices

    great deal, typical BMW pricing...
  10. 650Gtbrat

    Lifespan of the CVT belt

    I got 40k on the belt on my 2013 before it failed just outside of Moosemen Saskatchewan, I'm from Calgary.
  11. 650Gtbrat

    FOR SALE: BMW Motorrad Repair and Service Manual

    A nice deal, I'll have good use this summer. Is it still available? email me @[email protected] or text me 403-700-7755 Rob
  12. 650Gtbrat

    2016 models get makeovers; it's official

    I'll order my GT in white...then as I wish, vinyl it any colour, or design logo, or strips, or reflective tape...
  13. 650Gtbrat

    Greetings from Calgary Alberta

    Hi Bill, What part of this great city are you in? I'm in the south, Queensland...but am still waiting...for my first ride...
  14. 650Gtbrat

    New member welcome thread..

    Hi all , A big BMW fan but mostly four wheels...but had a C650GT approach the same traffic light...I was impressed! Now just got to decide which one I want... I'm from Calgary Alberta...
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