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I have a 2015 BMW C650GT.
It was my understanding that BMW updated the Scooter from 2016 onward Changing the exhaust the CVT transmission and also fitting a hydraulic tensioner etc.
My 2015 when I bought it appears to have all the features of the 2016 model minus the hydraulic Timing Chain tensioner so I am somewhat confused that my 2015 has the updated features when BMW states that they did not occur till 2016.
Can someone enlighten me.
PS: I intend to update to the hydraulic tensioner myself.
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Could this possibly be explained by the (mostly US-based) phenomenon of model-year vs calendar'year? Where a bike manufactured sometime in (later) 2015 is in fact called a 2016 bike by BMW?


The 2015 model doesn't have all the features of the 2016 model. The exhaust & transmission is different on the 2016. But the biggest problem is you have a mechanical cam chain tensioner, not the hydraulic version. Big issue if you can't trust the mechanical version. It's unknown how dependable this tensioner is. I was told by BMW the 2015 model has VERSION 2 tensioner & 2012 -2014 models had version 1 tensioner. Still not sure if I can trust how long it will last.

I talked to BMW extensively & they didn't cover the 2015 model with same recall for the 2012 - 2014 years . Basically BMW customer service said I was on my own , meaning if I want update to a hydraulic tensioner then I would have to pay for it, BMW won't cover it . You can email BMW : [email protected]
and give them your VIN to see if you qualify for warranty upgrade to hydraulic tensioner. Also can call them at : -800-831-1117 from 9A - 9P ET

REALLY sucks because I checked with dealer & cost is $900 for parts & labor to get it done. Parts are $400 if I want to do it myself. I have a 2015 C650 GT with 22K miles & it's fine so far, but don't know if I can trust it as miles go up. Couldn't get a good explanation from BMW customer why they won't cover 2015 year , but will help with 2012 - 2014. Not the best situation for a 2015 owner

Good luck . They're quite rigid if your BMW isn't on the list for a well known problem. I found the whole experience frustrating.

Thx - Mike
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