2016 C 650 GT windshield will not go up and down.


New member
I had not ridden it for several months do to my hip replacement surgery. Potential buyer coming to tomorrow. Went to town to spray the dust off at the car wash.

The windshield is in the down position and will not move when I press the switch.

As a point of interest, I did put in a new battery yesterday but there were only two wires to the battery, OEM positive and ground.

Everything else works.

Any ideas?????????


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Hmmmm. I remember that!
When this happened to me, it took a trip down to the BMW Service Center to have the ECU reset the windscreen calibration program then it worked fine again. It happened just after I had disconnected my battery, for an hour, to install aux lights & horn.


Yep - you need a dealer to perform the reset. Takes about 10 minutes and my dealer didn’t charge me for it last time I did it.
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