So, I've ridden about 1500 miles on my bike and have accepted that I need to work on the seat. I'm a, ahem, large man. I like to sit back in the saddle, so I can stretch my legs out. To have room to do this, I tend to press against the bolster/back rest on my GT. This means I'm sitting on the bottom portion of the bolster and putting way too much pressure in my tailbone.

So I went to my seat guy (Joel)- local guy that does seats - motorcycles, airplanes, boats, cars, etc. he previously did some work on my MP3.

After consultation with Joel, I'm going to start by carving off the lower, curvature section of the bolster/back rest. He will cut this section of the bolster pan off and then refinish the cover.

I think this is going to give me significant tailbone relief and then I will evaluate more work after testing this. I dropped the bolster off and Joel is going to work on it tomorrow.

I will post some pictures when I pick it up. Of course, I forgot to take any "before" pictures, so will have to rely on the goodwill of the forum in posting up a pic or two of a "normal" bolster.


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A friend of mine who does long-distance riding prefers a straight seat. You can move about on a straight seat instead of being anchored into a contoured saddle.


Here are a couple of photos - I basically had them cut off as much as they could, while still preserving the ability to install and still serve as back rest.

I'm satisfied - it gave me a lot more room for my ample rear. Didn't take all the pressure off my tailbone, but did relieve it pretty well.

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Corbin makes a nice seat either heated or not. It is mostly like a touring seat but if you were to remove the stock BMW GT driver's so called backrest and then sit back, that's where the Corbin seat will put you. Plus there are optional backrests available for both driver and pillion.

My GT was the model used for that seat and while it is not inexpensive I found it to be very comfortable.



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Thanks for sharing your perspectives on the Corbin seat - I've wondered where it placed the rider. I am not interested (given the price) at this point, but might change my mind down the road.
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