Formal hello


Thought I would pop in and formally introduce myself - yes, I'm a Sooner living in middle Tennessee.

Got into scooters about 6 years ago with a piaggio MP3-250. I had never ridden anything before and to say I got bitten with the bug is an understatement. I just added the BMW GT to my stable, which also includes a couple of Piaggios - MP3-500 and BV350. I would hav liked to trade/sell one of these when I bought the BMW, but I could decide which to sell. My MP3 would probably be th one, but I just couldn't part with her.

I picked up a used 2013 (red) GT about 2 months ago ~500 miles). After a bit of a false start (my bike developed a faulty dash control computer - diagnosed when I ran out out of fuel even though the gauge said 1/4 tank - resolved easily enough by dealer under warranty - took about 2 weeks), I am back riding the beast and I absolutely love it.

I have done a couple of minor mods and will add to existing threads.

Happy riding.


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Glad you made the move to a Beemer. I think you will be glad you did.

For what it's worth, my favorite Starbucks barista thinks the red is the "sexiest color". Others that were mislead may say black or one of those fancy blue things or earth tones. But, hey, I can only go by my personal experience.
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