Gearbox Oil Change


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Good tool for the job (watch the video):

New bolts and gaskets from BMW:

Meanwhile, you could try ....

1) Spray a LOT of WD-40 oil on the bolt. Let it soak in for 10 minutes. Wipe it very dry
2) Get a vise grip wrench on two good sides of the bolt, and lock it on as tightly as you can
3) Tap tap tap tap tap on the wrench with a hammer. Tap lightly but firmly. Go slow, be patient! Wiggle the wrench a bit and tap some more. Eventually if you feel the bolt move a little, stop, spray and soak again, and continue. Tap it and try to work the bolt loose with your hands on the wrench.

Vise grip wrench FYI:

Good luck!
I will try it and I will let you know!!
Thank you in advance!
Somewhere I saw you writing about spark plug torque on 12Nm, BMW dealership suggested 23Nm. Being honest I don’t trust them..
Do you have any manual?


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Yes, the BMW service manual says spark plug torque is 12 Nm, or 9 ft. lbs. (8.85 to be precise).


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Did it, after pain and tears! Thank you for all of your help!


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So, finished with service:
Spark plugs NGK
Oil motul 300V 15W50, oil filter KN
Air filter HIFLO HFA7604
Gear oil, Motul 300 75w90
Antifreeze Motul Motocool factory l
LED NARVA lights.
In order to drain the gear oil I tried the muffler and the middle stand like someone said-it worked but is risky, you don’t have enough space to unscrew so you must put force to keep the exhaust down. Pain in the ass! And you risk braking the manifold screws.(you don’t won’t that). So it’s better to remove all the exhaust like BMW says.


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Also, on the side where the dipstick is there are two 17s nuts which supposed to to have both oil filters, but on my bike on the fist hole there was on tube with a gap on the middle and on the second hole near the single stand was the oil filter.
But I think that’s suppose to be normal as you can see on the on photo, but if you look on the other is different, it has two filters. What is happening?


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"In order to drain the gear oil I tried the muffler and the middle stand like someone said-it worked but is risky"

Good to know. Thank you for sharing.

Shortcuts are tempting, but I will follow the BMW service process for gear oil. It's more work to remove the muffler and exhaust manifold, but it's only required every 24,000 miles.

I don't know if there are two oil screen tubes. I've seen several videos and they all show one tube. The service manual discusses one, not two. Either way, the oil screen tube is always clean when I take it out. So I let the oil drain and put it back.
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