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I'm a new GT owner and trying to figure out where to mount my GoPro camera. On my old Honda PCX 150 I just clamped it on the handle bar. That approach won't work on the GT. Thinking about getting a helmet or chest strap mount. Anyone else using one of these and how/where did you mount it?


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Thanks. I'll give that a try tomorrow. Weather is supposed to finally cooperate with my schedule. Guess it will work OK thru the windshield.


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OR you could get an "arm" that extends it beyond the windshield. The beauty of the RAM system is the flexibility.


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I have a mount on my helmet. Where ever you put it, remember it is a VERY wide angle lens, so you have to experiment and practice with the camera to keep from getting unwanted motorcycle parts in the frame. You might like seeing your motorcycle in the frame, but, your audience might think it boring to watch your speedometer for an hour. The same goes for shots of yourself, five seconds is long enough. And you will find that your favorite winding road straightens out with the wide angle lens.
My opinion is having the camera pointing towards someone behind you is much more interesting then boring scenery in front.


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My suggestion would be to get one camera crew to be a few miles ahead of you to record when you pass by and another behind you to record your mile by mile super moves. And, if you add a helicopter sequence with perhaps a few burning buses you can jump over you will have an Emmy contender*.

*ok, my kid #5 has a small movie production company. She won't listen to me either.


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I like the helmet mount approach. Much cheaper than the film production company :). Though I thought everyone enjoyed pictures of my bike as much as I do. But I don't want my wife seeing pictures if the speedometer so I better keep my head up.

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I just got the chest piece for my EGO. Like gopro but cheaper and includes wifi.... I think gopro has one like it too.

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