Hanging up the helmet.


My GT is gone. I sold it to a niece older fellow from Ventur, CA. We just loaded it onto his trailer and he headed South. I really enjoyed that scooter but since I'm only running around town with my longest rides are only 40 or 50 miles locally I don't need such a large scooter. I pick up a nice little Silverwing 600 tomorrow. Lighter and handier in town and plenty fast for my short freeway runs. Not to mention a couple thousand dollars into my pocket.

It's been a pleasure to correspond with you guys on this forum, keep the rubber on the road and ride safe!


I fully agree with your description of the GT. It's is the primo scooter in the United States. I liked mine very much. A combination of increasing weakness and arthritis caused me to move down to the smaller scooter. I've had Silverwings before and know I'll have no problem getting it up on the center stand and I'll be able to reach the ground without having to slide forward a bit. I had a good six years with the BMW which did a good job of replacing the K1100LT that I could no longer ride due to failing knees. Time to move on and savor the memories.


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Isn't the curb weight of the Honda only 25lbs less?

Is it that noticeable?

At any rate...enjoy the new scooter! I was quite fond of my lighter Burgman 400.