Looks like it's getting close to the time to hang up my helmet.


Old age is a bummer! At 76 my arthritis is becoming more than an annoyance. Two weeks ago I made a short trip, about 120 miles in total and the next day my right wrist was on fire for two days. I've ridden 62 years now started with a Cushman scooter and had quite a bunch of different motorcycles over the years.

The BMW C650 scooter is a wonderful machine. It's a scooter but nearly as good on the highway as a big Goldwing. Mine has been reliable and trouble free, good on the highway, great weather protection, and the CVT system seems bullet proof. I'll miss it and this forum, lot of good folks here.


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Have you tried a throttle assist like the cramp buster, or something like Grip Puppies to increase the throttle diameter and consequently your leverage? These add-ons might extend your riding ability a little longer. Sounds like something you're going to miss.


I have had both grip puppies and cramp buster on my motorcycles for a very long time. Just can't do without them.


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On my first long trip (500+miles) my hand cramped so bad that I let a pickup go in front of me at a toll booth wil I tried to get the money out of my pocket. Then I found out they payed my toll for being nice and letting them in. Got a cramp buster that week. Next trip out of town (1200+miles) I had no problems. It was nice to just flex my wrist without having a death grip on the throttle.


Cramp Busters are indeed a help. I cut the extended end of mine down to about two inches long. That still works when you lay your palm on the throttle but doesn't snag a glove or sleeve as happened several times before I cut it down.

Thanks for the advice, unfortunately the arthritis along with back troubles decided that 62 years of riding is probably enough. It's been a good run with a lot of cool bikes over the years with no serious injuries. Might be a good idea not to push the luck any further.