ModernVespa/MP3 Spring Gathering


Every spring and fall, a group of us (mostly current or former MP3 riders) meet in the SE. The genesis of the group - we mostly met on the forum at, but have become great "in person" friends too. It is time for our spring ride, which if you're interested, you can get more info on these two threads:

Modern Vespa : Official Spring Gathering 2015 thread. Little Switzerland

Modern Vespa : 2015 Spring Gathering - UPDATE - respond to questions page 3

This year, we're gathering at Little Switzerland. A week ago, we were expecting north of 20 riders. The weather has scared a few away and I suspect we'll have 15 or so. Hopefully, we can enjoy the twisties for a few hours each day without any rain. I'll be riding the GT and having a blast. Picture below is from a recent trip I made through the Tail of the Dragon - thought it showed what our bikes can do best - lean that puppy over! It also is far enough away to camouflage my fat butt too!

lean in.jpg


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Looks like a super awesome gang of folks. My favorite quote (at least of those that could be published :eek:...and the picture tells the story):

"How many rednecks does it take to change a scooter tire? The consensus is 12 - 1 to do most of the work, 1 to be stressed out and 10 to stand around making crass and smart aleck commentary."

And that from a trophy winner....
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