MSF Basic rider course mod


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This is really for someone new to riding and intends to practice low speed maneuvers and or take the BRC on the CE-04

Doing some low speed exercises in a parking lot a couple of weeks before my BRC classes, I had a brain fart and effectively had the throttle at 0 in a turn and down she went. Luckily I caught the scooter with my leg but the scooter was at about 25 degrees already. I was able to lay it down completely slowly and received no damage. I thought of a couple of things to add to the side panel so if I dropped it during the class there wouldn't be to much damage. Found this at my local harbor freight. Covers most of the panel, stays on while riding on the road and peals off with no residue left behind..


Even as someone who has ridden a few other BMW motorcycles in the past, I'm clumsy at slow speeds with the CE 04. Without a clutch or outer pegs to put weight on, it feels like a different beast altogether in tight maneuvers.

Congrats on your first drop! I'm amazed that you did so with zero damage.


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Course taught me a lot about the dynamics of riding. Hopefully BMW will drop this into production. I think I know which one I rather drop. Lolovjvqjv3e40a1.jpg
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