Need the 9-1-1 on GS-911 for TPMS sensor replacement


Sounds like a reasonable decision. And I like having the diagnostics handy too even if the motoscan won't do everything. It does a lot.


My 2013 C650GT has both front and rear sensors held in place with the torx 30 screw, if your wheel has a sticker showing the location of the sensor more or less across from the valve stem then yours is also NOT a valve stem sensor.


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"My 2013 C650GT has both front and rear sensors held in place with the torx 30 screw, if your wheel has a sticker showing the location of the sensor more or less across from the valve stem then yours is also NOT a valve stem sensor."

Excellent catch, thank you! I will go back and correct the earlier post. I have the same sticker on the front as the back, both opposite the valve stem. That's great to know for the future.


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Just communicated with my 2013 GT's ECU for the first time ....

Even better, I did it on an Android Matrix tablet and did not spontaneously combust (I'm an Apple guy. ;o).

The setup is the Motoscan Professional app ($27.99) on the tablet, an OBDLink LX Bluetooth on the bike ($59.95) and an adapter cable ($20) to work with the 2013's round ECU cable.

Just poked around a little today. Reset the service light for one year from now -- you can also do it by mileage. Looked at the history of codes thrown -- only one for an oxygen sensor, and that was labeled "addressed." I have seen posts elsewhere that mentioned a lot of the app was in German. I did not see that at all; my version is whatever is on Google Play today. You download the Lite version and upgrade to Professional or for $54.99 upgrade to the All-Seeing and Knowing version. "Pro" includes tire pressure sensor control but you can't reset the windscreen.

I'm waiting for a new TPMS sensor. I learned that Motoscan Pro will integrate a new TPMS sensor by number (OEM) or search (Chinese knock off). I bought the Chinese knock off, which I realize can be a little roll of the dice. In this case, the seller and shipping came out of New Jersey and it is only taking four days to get here ... versus a slow boat from China shipping. I bought a $10 wake up tool (for GM vehicles but the important thing is it's 433 Hz). Plan is to take the rear tire off the bike, drive it to a dealership to have the sensor swapped, put the tire back on the bike and activate it ... dealership quoted $300.

Just for grins, I downloaded Dr. Prius and used the OBDLink to test the life expectancy of my big battery (50.85% left). My favorite task was turning off the chime that repeats endlessly when the car is in reverse gear or the driver's seat belt is unlatched. Now they each chime once and STFU. This setup was worth it just for that.


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Nice. Yes there is something weirdly satisfying about getting into the brain of the bike. Turning on and off lights and fans and pumps. Please report back the results of the tpms once you have done it.


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As Borat would say, "Great success!"

Got the new rear TPMS sensor installed. Have to admit, I punched my left fist in the air and let out a whoop as I hit 18 mph and both tire pressure readings changed from dashes to numbers. My rear had been working half the time. Been on several rides and same good result. Both come on and stay on. Mission accomplished.

All told, I figure $245 for items noted in earlier posts. The one "glitch" was after I upgraded from Motoscan Lite (free) to Motoscan Professional ($27.95), Motoscan informed me after I clicked "Learn New Sensor" (the moment of truth!) that I had to upgrade AGAIN to perform that function.

So I plunked down another $27.95 for Motoscan Ultimate. It was anticlimactic after that. This time, clicking "Learn New Sensor" produced a message to hold the wake up tool next to the sensor to activate it. I pushed the button and a loading bar appeared. After roughly ten seconds the app said "Sensor Learned." That's it.

The BMW dealer said they would do this job for $300. So I saved $50 bucks this time. Next time, I now know a guy who will swap out the sensor in the tire for $20. I took the tire off the bike and brought it in -- very easy task, several bolts to remove the muffler and five lug nuts for the tire -- torque is 45 ft. lbs. when you put them back on. The tire guy debeaded the tire on the machine and left it there while he peeked inside to find the sensor. He reached in and swapped it out for the new one, using one T-30 torx bolt.

Next time I can buy another Chinese sensor for $20 and it's $40 vs. $300 for a replacement. It was worth it to have this capability + BMW diagostics. Mercifully, there are no additional Motoscan upgrades to deal with.

One Motoscan app pro tip that took me awhile to figure out. You can connect OBDLink LX to the bike and read data, but to make changes you have to turn the key on, or you'll get a message like "ECU connection not found."

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