New camera and mount location


I have several Garmin Virb cameras and usually use these when doing video while riding as they provide GPS and other ride data, but over the holidays I found a deal on a GoPro Session and due to the size and price I decided to buy one. Finally got around to mounting it this week and went on a long ride Sunday. Mounted it right up front on windscreen for unobstructed view of road as my other cameras are usually on helmet, handlebars or topbox with some obstructions. Was a little hesitant about stick-on mount as I usually use a RAM mount, but so far it seems to be holding well and solid. Battery lasted about 2 hours so I discovered it shut off before end of ride. Nice thing about the Garmin Virb (old model) is that you can power from bike or external battery via USB cable.

Photo of mounting location and a short video of view from camera. Video is a good example of why you need to be careful and slow down when going over blind hills, you may come upon a sudden obstacle and have one of those "Oh Shit" moments as you test your emergency braking skills.


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