Videos to watch


During this long cold winter (because it is near impossible to ride unless you are in the city) you can at least still watch a few movies.
Hear are a few suggestions
Why We Ride
Twist Of The Wrist (educational)
Ride Like A Pro (educational)
On Any Sunday
All of these are reasonable if not excellent winter time movies that you can watch with the whole family (or just yourself)
Easy Rider is not kid friendly but most could watch
If you have any other suggestions please let us know


New member
Our club has a tradition of "Bad Biker Flicks" for the non-riding months. True screen classics like "The Masters of Menace" or "Easy Wheels." A big favorite at a couple of ralllies I've been to was "Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town" (which was the tamed down re-titling of "Cycle Sluts in Zombie Hell").

"Torque" is another shamelessly "over-the-top" biker flick... this time with gangs on SPORT bikes instead of choppers. Sad to admit; we actually paid MONEY to see this one in the theatre!!


Active member
Jaime, You guys have the best club. Sounds like a ton of fun. I picture you doing your best Valley Girl imitation introducing the films. Gotta be a hoot.
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