Who to contact at BMW USA for Chain Tensioner Breakage


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I'm trying tto find out who might be the best person to contact about my c650GT Timing Chain Tensioner Breakage. It took out the chain,4 intake valves and at least 1valve guide.,😳😔😩 Right now it's around 3k . Any help will be appreciated. I can be reached @ [email protected] or reply on this thread. Thanks , Brad Stevens


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How long have you had it? How old is the bike? Did you ever check to see what if any recalls were done on the bike?
It's a 2015 w/22000 mi on it. Seems that 2016 got the updated Hydraulic tensioner and the 2014 and older got the recall 🙄 Can't find anything for 2015 😳🙄😩


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I ran into the same issue with the 2015 model . I talked to BMW extensively & they didn't cover the 2015 model with same recall for the 2012 - 2014 years . I talked to BMW customer service on the phone & they said I was on my own , meaning if I want update to a hydraulic tensioner then I would have to pay for it, BMW won't cover it . REALLY sucks because I checked with dealer & cost is $900 for parts & labor to get it done. I have a 2015 C650 GT with 12K miles & it's fine so far, but don't know if I can trust it as miles go up. Couldn't get a good explanation from BMW customer why they won't cover 2015 year , but will help with 2012 - 2014. Not the best situation for a 2015 owner


Wow that sucks. I'm sure if you could get the right person on the phone at BMW you could get some assistance. Seems odd they would not cover a single model year.


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Update on my 2015 C650GT... BMW Motorcycles came thru and PAID for ALL the PARTS💕💕💕The Manager at San Diego BMW Motorcycles,

Gary Orr​


Stepped up with GREAT Results and , Because I bought the Scoot there and was Maintained there, got a Discount on Labor. Thank You BMW Motorcycle USA and Thank You Gary Orr and ALL Who we're involved in this Near Disaster 🤟😎🤘 The Bike needed the Timing Chain, Upgraded Hydraulic Tensioner, Valves, Valve Guides, Gaskets...
Can't Say Enough about how well they came thru ❤️❤️❤️


Even my 2016 c650 sport needed a new tensioner after just 3,000 miles. So thus is definitely a design/build quality issue. Good to hear a BMW dealer being customer-oriented, that has not been my experience so far.
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