yamaha tmax 2013 vers bmw 650 c sports 2016


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hi , still not had a lot of time on the bmw to really test compare to the yam as a maxi scooter , but these are my first impression firstly the look , both are great looking bike and both have same performance figures ,both strong on acceleration , the bmw being noisy on tick over /idle but soon disappears.the tmax is still lighter in the maneuvering/cornering which makes it a delight in town , brakes are similar but the bmw have abs , the later yam also have this . the ride is slightly softer on the yam and the bmw being heaver needs beefer spring setup with the heaver weight.the seats are similar in comfort the bmw being heated is nice too also the bmw has heat grips . adjustable wind shield on the bmw is also a plus BUT the yam was also very good on high settings both comfortable riding position , only note here was the bmw seemed to be less wide and easy to put you feet down ( iam 6 foot ) but not much . both have Excellent build quality .... id have both any day and in fact i have ... which one would choose ....??? iam just not sure for now . may be id look at the new yam tmax 560 ... for the extra power/toys or if bmw continue to improve the next model would be very interesting
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