Deer miss


Whew - I Had a deer "near miss" Saturday night/Sunday morning. I rode my BMW up to Morgantown WV for the Oklahoma football game. Game time was 7:30, so game ended about 11:30. By the time I get to my bike, it's midnight.

My motel was in the sticks about 20 miles outside Morgantown. Actually, using "sticks" to describe part of WV is simply redundant. No offense to any mountaineers out there, just facts! I made my way out of Morgantown surprisingly quick - I needed to go South on state highway and most folks wanted to go N/S on the interstate.

Anyhow, I knew I was in a high risk deer area and was on high alert for the critters. A dark night, no moon to speak of and night just seems darker in this part of the world, especially in the hollows.

About 4 miles to hotel (now nearly 1 am), I round a corner about 35 and I'm looking at his ass - he's in the other lane, just across the center line, maybe 100 Yds away. I grab brake and slow quickly. Of course, the deer wants to make this event as meaningful as he can, so he turns into my lane and STOPS, perpendicular to my line. Now I'm testing the BMW antilocks, squeezing brakes hard - they work great! I'm heading right at him and damn deer doesn't move. I'm going to stop about 12 inches from the deer. Just as I go to put my feet down, he bolts off the road, I roll throttle and never stopped. Heart pounding, sweating in the cool night air. Entire event was probably 2 seconds long. Seemed like forever.

I get to motel about 10 minutes later, change shorts and go to bed!

The lesson - don't overdrive your headlights. I would have stopped, safely, in time. But only just barely. If the deer had been moving towards me, I would not have been able to avoid. So, I conclude I was riding a bit too fast.


Do you run with deer whistles if not try them. I have heard they don't work but it sure can't hurt. I have them on my scoot I have not hit a deer but I have seen them. I do not know of anyone that has hit a deer with them on.
I am glad you did not get hurt or your scoot maybe you crapped your pants (you really did not tell us and we don't want to know (you did not take a shower)) but that is an easy fix


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The ONLY thing "Deer Whistles" help are the people who sell them. Worthless. At worst, they give the buyer a false sense of security. Biologists have pretty much determined that a deer's range of hearing is similar to that of a human. If WE don't hear it, THEY don't hear it.

However, I can testify under oath that when I installed them on my old motorcycle back in the 80's I never ONCE had even a close call with a rampaging hippopotamus, so I guess it works with them... ;-)


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The deer are usually out in the early morning and at dusk so the best thing to do is be more aware of these times and be cautious, also watch out for the flying bowling balls also known as turkeys they will knock you off your bike I have had a couple of close calls with both. The out of towners that come up here to Vermont on there bikes travel way to fast at night and you read about them in the next morning papers hitting a deer or not making the turn and winding up in the woods.


My area is a bad place for deer. Lots of deer and plenty of collisions with them. At dusk or later I try to find a car or truck to follow on the road and let them clear a path for my bike. It's not foolproof but seems to me one should be less likely to hit a forest rat that way.


If they're installed backwards they attract deer.:)


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Over here in Oz, (Australia), we can buy them as well, only we call them "Roo Whistles"...... Maybe the importer got them mixed up because I have never seen a deer and I bet you blokes have never run into a kangaroo....


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You might be on to something there! Never saw a kangaroo on the road ONCE in over a half a million miles traveling across these United States. They work!!
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