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Where in Norcal are you? I'm near Yosemite in Coarsegold and all there is to ride with around here is SLOW, old fat farts dressed like pirates on Hardleys....
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Greg goes wild
thank you my brother got it done for me i have trigger finger in my right hand n it will even hurt more .
Last month an asshole on a pickup ran a red light. I slammed on the brakes in time for him to not hit me but I hit his rear tire and flipped bike out from under me. Almost stopped so bruises only but he took off when I got up. Tupperware wasn’t too bad but forks bent from the twisting impact. $10,000.00+ repair estimate on a 2013 GT. Ins will total it. Have not decided about replacing it.
Waiting on insurance to tell me if they are going to total my 2013 GT. Guy ran red light. I braked enough he did not hit me, I hit him. Front wheel hit his rear wheel. Forks are twisted and Tupperware damage on right side.
Greg goes wild
OUCH sorry to hear that were you injured? It will take a while to get the guys insurance to pay for it. I know
this cuz on Dec 26 of 2020 i went 100 ft from my house n a neighbor pulled out backwards n hit me good
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