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I had been considering buying bigger saddle bags for a while now. I have GIVI E21 cases, and for weekend trips they work out well. For longer trips, I wanted something bigger, and was considering the E 360 model. I was reluctant to buy them as they are split opening, which is a disadvantage when you need something out of them on the road. Side cases should be top opening. I liked the E41's, but, they are a lot more money. They do have the hatch for top opening which I liked.
Well, a couple of weeks ago, I was surfing the Adventure Rider site, and saw some posts about the E41's. What caught my eye was the low price discussed
by one of the writers, and the company where he got his boxes. He got them from "motostorm" , an Italian company. I thought " buy from Europe, sounds risky". My curiosity got the better of me and I opened their web site. Wow, $320 bucks for a set of E41's!! Sounds to good, must be really high shipping! Nope, around thirty bucks!! (from Europe ??) yes!! Oh there must be a customs and duty charge. Nope!! So, a set of E41's for $350 bucks!! Sounds to good to be true. I ordered them anyway!
Then the wait. I got a ship date and tracking number, yet after a couple of days noticed they hadn't shipped yet. I sent an inquiry and got back a new TN and then started to see movement. The box got to tour Italy before it headed to the US, then when it got to Boston it made a side trip to New Jersey, back to Peabody MA (North of Boston) and then dropped on my porch today.
The order was in good shape, and had obviously not been run over by a fork truck! The cases were in perfect condition.
The cases are BIG ! Of course, it is easier to deal with excess storage then not enough.
The point is, I saved a bunch of money by shopping the internet, and expanding my shopping to Europe.


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Nice!! I always (well, almost always) keep my GIVI top case on my Triumph Explorer. Great investment.


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My topcase is 13 years old, and has never leaked a drop, and it still looks good. Sure it's plastic, so is a Corvette. I like GIVI.
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