New member welcome thread..


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Hi all,

I last week purchased a 2021 c400gt, as I was combing the internet looking for more info on the motorised lounge-chair I just purchased I kept finding myself reading threads on this forum, so why not sign up?

We have a few motorbikes parked out the front of our house, a Honda, a Yamaha and a Vespa.. this is our first BMW.

Thanks already for the information I’ve gathered :)


New member
Afternoon from Kent, England. Had the 2021 BMW C400 GT SE for a few months now ( traded in a Burghman 400 ) for it. Needed something solid and quality and love it for the quality, power, tech and who knew I needed a heated seat !!! :) Storage space is the only down side so far.
Using it for commute into London in all weathers doing 50 miles per day when I do.
Whisper it quietly but I even prefer it to some other bigger bikes I have owned !

Looking forward to getting involved and finding out more.
Plan is to put some front spot lights on and maybe wire in a dashcam...
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